Patmos Cultural Center Philharmonic

Normal operation of the Patmos Cultural Center Philharmonic

And this year the Philharmonic of the Patmos Cultural Center will operate with consistency and love for music, offering a pleasant and creative way out in the free time of the children of our island.

Members of the Philharmonic will have the opportunity to learn wind instruments and percussion instruments of their choice, such as: flute, clarinet, saxophone (Alto-Tenor), classical flute, trumpet, baritone, percussion. In addition to learning the instruments, children also learn music theory.

The aim of the Philharmonic is to offer music education to its members, but also to cultivate the character of children, to develop teamwork, to cultivate effort and perseverance for a better result and to get acquainted with musical sounds from all over the world.

The conductor of the Philharmonic, Mr. Costas Nousias, invites all children over 10 years of age and all adults who wish to become members of the Philharmonic to the first scheduled meeting on Saturday, October 12 at the “PATMION” Cultural Center at 11:00.

The courses in the Philharmonic are FREE and no instrument purchase is required.

Information: Costas Nousias: 6932404642, Theologos Pentes: 6977772455

The courses are held every:

  • Saturday 11:00-15:00
  • Sunday 10:00-14:00 & 17:00-21:00