Sensitized to the relations between European citizens and, by extension, to the dissemination of ideas and cultural traditions, the Municipality of Patmos has signed three town-twinnings, while a special Twinning Committee was set up in 2014 to develop and exploit these ties.

The Municipality of Patmos is twinned to:

1. The Municipality of Auderghem (Belgium)

The twinning of Auderghem and Patmos was signed during a grand ceremony on May 24, 2002 at the Town Hall of Auderghen, by the Minister and Mayor of the Belgian municipality, Mr Didier Gosuin, and the Mayor of Patmos, Mr Mattheos Melianos, in view of promoting common ties and mutual exchanges.

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2. The Municipality of Grottaferrata (Italy)

The twinning with the Municipality of Grottaferrata, on the outskirts of Rome, took place on March 20, 2004, and was signed by the town’s mayor, Mr Angelo Viticchie, and the deputy mayor of Patmos, Mr Emmanouil Gryllis, as both towns share many common religious particularities. Grottaferrata is home to the Abbey of Santa Maria Grottaferrata founded by Saint Nilus (of Greek origin) and whose monastic community, while part of the Roman Catholic Church, follows the customs and religious rites of the Byzantine Christian tradition.
The ties between Kryptoferis and Patmos date back to Byzantine times, when the monastery of Patmos had contacts with monasteries in Calabria, from where monks of Grottaferrata also came. Because of the twinning, the city of Grottaferrata called a public park Giardini di Patmos “Gardens of Patmos”, while Patmos named a street after the name of an Italian city.

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3. The Municipality of Glastonbury (England)

The twinning with the Municipality of Glastonbury was signed on September 12, 2009, in the British town by the Chairman of Mendip District Council and Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury, Mr Edward James, and representatives of the Municipality of Patmos.
This twinning between the two places sanctified by the earliest of Christian saints of each land is classified as a “Twinning in Perpetuity” and is hailed as historical as it is the very first such agreement between Greece and Britain. The twinning proposal, accepted by the Municipal Council of Patmos in March 2008, was made by the Municipality of Glastonbury following the official presentation of the idea made by Mrs Zoé d’Ay in August 2007. To read more, please click here.

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