Two-year vehicle insurance program

Call for interest for the submission of an offer of insurance for vehicles, mopeds and construction machinery of the Municipality of Patmos for 2 years

The Patmos Municipality, invites the interested insurance companies that have the conditions from the south, to submit a financial offer for the insurance of the vehicles, mopeds and drivers of the work of the Municipality of Pathos, for two (2) years. prot .: 3355 / 13-06-2019 Study – Technical Description – Α∆ΑΜ 19REQ005106834 indicative budget € 7,212.00 € VAT. The deadline for submitting bids is Thursday, June 20, 2019.

The tender may be attended by insurance companies (economic operators) operating in Greece in a car liability insurance company and provide guarantees of perfect execution of the agreement as well as intermediaries in insurance persons, in accordance with Law 1569/82 as in force, proves to be the property of the interested parties in official documents.
It is obligatory for any interested person to submit a responsible statement, mediate insurance, a person (agent, broker, insurance producer, etc.) on behalf of which or which insurance companies mediate and submit a copy of this copy of the cooperation agreement. Offer from the same Insurance Company.

In addition to the above supporting documents and the usual financial offer form, the interested parties must also submit the following supporting documents to Law 4412/2016:

• Certificate of the relevant Chamber or other professional organization, certifying its registration in it and its special profession, which has been issued within three (3) months before its submission.

• Certificate of legal operation from the supervisory body of the Bank of Greece for the exercise of the relevant insurance branches which has been issued during the current year.

  • Tax information.
  • Insurance information for all main and supplementary insurance meals:
    • a) In case the employer is a natural person, he is obliged to present a certificate of insurance awareness of his staff as well as of the insurance company to which he is the same insured.
    • b) In case the employer is a mental person, he is obliged to present: 1) Responsible statement regarding the social security organizations to which the company must pay contributions, 2) Certificate of insurance information for the employees employed, 3) Insurance information the other social security organizations to which the company must pay contributions.
  • GEMI certificate of detailed representation of the company, which has been issued within 30 days before its submission.
  • Statement of the profession or if it is a mental person of his mental representative, that the reasons for exclusion do not exist for the company, from the conclusion of public transfers, referred to in par. 1 of article 73 of Law 4412/2016.

The service will be assigned to the insurance company which has the conditions and will offer the worst overall insurance for all those mentioned in the technical description of vehicles.