Cultural events

Festival of Religious Music of Patmos

The Festival of Religious Music of Patmos, which was initiated in 2001, is now one of the most important and unique summer musical events in terms of content and is aimed at presenting events of a high-quality musical and spiritual content, as befits the sacred site where it is hosted.

At the Festival of Religious Music, the environment and the natural habitat of a beautiful island meld in an ideal manner with the religious music and create a marvellous harmony, which leads to special paths of enjoyment and devout concentration, reflecting the sacred and the works of mankind in their very best version, precisely in the manner that the Festival’s Art Director, Mr Alkis Baltas, formulates his fixed position: “Only a spiritual and serious musical festival could be held in the foreground of the Sacred Cave where John wrote down his Revelation, and that is exactly what takes place.”

During the 14 years of its history, the Festival of Religious Music has presented a multitude of artists, offering the audience a summer experience that is totally different from any other musical event, in an outdoor environment. It is not by happenstance that each year the Festival constitutes a pole of attraction for numerous visitors, who wish to experience the particular atmosphere of the performances that are held, but also to enjoy the beauty offered by the island and its ever-welcoming inhabitants.

The Encounter of Traditional Dances

The Encounter of Traditional Dances is a new cultural institution for the Municipality of Patmos. It began in September 2011 with the support of the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and is organized by the Cultural Centre of Patmos and the Dance Association of the Youths and Friends of Patmos headquartered in Athens. Every second weekend of September, Patmos hosts Greek Tradition in the outdoor amphitheatre outside the Cave of the Apocalypse.

The Encounter’s aim is to revive, preserve and showcase the dances, habits and customs of our country’s different regions. The participating troupes come from Evros in the North to Crete in the South, and from the Ionian Islands in the West to Cyprus in the East. Each time, «legends» of Greek Traditional Music are the event’s honoured personalities.

With a rich traditional programme, Patmos lives to the unique sounds of Greek traditional instruments and the unrivalled colours and patterns of our country’s different local costumes. All those who attend this cultural event will enjoy, applaud and rejoice in Greece’s endless adventurous courage.

The Encounter of Traditional Dances constitutes a cool oasis of culture, a festive celebration of communication between the people who love, honour and respect the splendour of Greek Tradition.

International Film Festival of Patmos

The International Film Festival of Patmos is a non-profit organization, established in 2010 with a view to organizing an International Film Festival. Its motto is: “Understanding the World through Film”.

The Festival’s objectives are the creation of a new pole of attraction for Greek and foreign film directors to show their work, and the organization and hosting of one-of-a-kind seminars and exhibitions relating to cinema and the visual arts.

Additionally, the Festival seeks to educate the public and contribute to its further cultural awakening, while respecting the particularity of Patmos; to create an alternative tourist event; and, to dynamically place the island on the international map of cultural tourism.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Patmos for the fifth year, the festival is organized in July (23-29) and within this framework, apart from projections of quality films, workshops and seminars, a short-film competition will also be held.

If you would like to submit tour film (whether fiction, a documentary or an animation), please click here!

Promo Video – 2015

Festival of Taste and Tradition

The Festival of Taste and Tradition is a wine tasting trip to the Aegean blue, highlighting the culinary culture of Patmos and of other islands.

Patmos is the most important religious destination of our country and the Festival of Taste and Tradition hopes to develop and upgrade even more the local gastronomy and gain one more advantage, seeking to highlight and offer the treasures of the earth and the kitchen, to all of its guests during the summer months.

The Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition is under the auspices of the Monastery and is held the third weekend of June by the newspaper PATMIAKA CHRONIA, with coorganizers the Municipality of Patmos, the Region of Southern Aegean and the non-profit company “REVELATION”. The organization is also supported by sponsors and associations of our island and of the surrounding islands.

Well known and famous chefs and gourmets like Vefa Alexiadou, Lefteris Lazarou, Eleni Psychouli, Georgia Kofina, Vicky Smyrli, Joseph Zisiadis, Sotiris Zacharias, Eftichis Bletsas, Nikos Christoforou, Dimitris Pamporis (winner of a Toque d’or) and many Patmians like George Grillis (winner of a Toque d’or), Eleni Travlou, Benetos Matthaiou and others have given a special reputation to the Festival. This year honorary gourmet will be Ms. Dina Nikolaou.

Like every year, this year, the special dishes of our islands will star, along with with their cooks and our local products. The gourmets will choose the 12 best dishes.

The 8th Festival that takes place on June 21, 2015 will be dedicated to local producers and will honor them with a special photography exhibition, which will point out COUNTRY LIFE. George Amyras and Aristides Miaoulis will be the presenters. Supporter of the feature on local producers will be the TV journalist of ALPHA, Vicky Chantzi.

As part of the Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition and of the support of wider WELLNESS in our lives, a Cultural Cycling Event is also organized on June 20, comprising :

  • Cycling for Adults, symbolically uniting the monuments and cultural places on the island of Patmos, Monastery, Apocalypse, Baptistery, Campos and Kallikatsou
  • JUNIOR cycling for children.

George Amyras is in charge