The Encounter of Traditional Dances

The Encounter of Traditional Dances

The Encounter of Traditional Dances is a new cultural institution for the Municipality of Patmos. It began in September 2011 with the support of the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and is organized by the Cultural Centre of Patmos and the Dance Association of the Youths and Friends of Patmos headquartered in Athens. Every second weekend of September, Patmos hosts Greek Tradition in the outdoor amphitheatre outside the Cave of the Apocalypse.

The Encounter’s aim is to revive, preserve and showcase the dances, habits and customs of our country’s different regions. The participating troupes come from Evros in the North to Crete in the South, and from the Ionian Islands in the West to Cyprus in the East. Each time, «legends» of Greek Traditional Music are the event’s honoured personalities.

With a rich traditional programme, Patmos lives to the unique sounds of Greek traditional instruments and the unrivalled colours and patterns of our country’s different local costumes. All those who attend this cultural event will enjoy, applaud and rejoice in Greece’s endless adventurous courage.
The Encounter of Traditional Dances constitutes a cool oasis of culture, a festive celebration of communication between the people who love, honour and respect the splendour of Greek Tradition.




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