Originating from a picturesque fishing village in the southeastern part of the island, Grikos (Old Cottage, the first farmhouse built in the region) has become a modern seaside village with rich tourist infrastructure. Built in the bay bearing the same namem in a small green valley, Grikos is the fourth most populous settlement of Patmos with 77 residents and it is situated 4.5 km from the port of Skala, to which it is connected with regular bus service from the paved coastal road.

The bay of Grikos, with its magnificent view towards the rock “Kalikaltsou” and the beach of Petra, is classified by the international organization «Most Beautiful Bays in the world» as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and part of the beach is organized offering restaurants with local cuisine and wonderful appetizers, rooms to let and up to five-star hotels. It also has a small marina for yachts and since the bay is protected from winds from Tragonisi, it offers the possibility of offshore anchoring.

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Patmos Island

UNESCO World Heritage Monument

The unspoiled beauty of Patmos throughout the centuries was the one that led Unesco in 1999 to proclaim the historical site comprising Chora (Patmos Town), the Monastery of Saint John

Patmos Island


All of the above cities, with a history spanning over many centuries, welcome a total of 20 million visitors a year and collaborate so as to meet visitors’ expectations, define

Municipality Of Patmos


Marathi (or Marathos) is an island of Dodecanese and belongs to the island chain of Arki. The island, even though it is small, with an area of ​​only 355 acres