The gastronomic wealth of Patmos is boundless, comprising a large variety of local products, recipes and dishes, which gift visitors with yet another unique experience.

Local vegetables, fruit, the celebrated local Patmos tyrópita (an open-top cheese pie with a filling of mixed local cheeses), stuffed kalamária (squid), anthónero (rose water), fragrant bread and the famous sweet poungí (literally: pouch or purse, in this case made of pastry) with honey or icing sugar, are but just a few of the flavoursome delights that Patmos has to offer.
In the numerous small tavernas and restaurants of Patmos Island, visitors have the opportunity to taste both homemade traditional recipes and fresh fish or handmade sweets, while some of these delectable treasures can also be purchased from the island’s zacharoplastía (patisseries).

Recently, businessmen of Patmos, proving the great importance that they give to the local gastronomy, proceeded to the presentation of the “Greek Breakfast of Patmos” in cooperation with the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Furthermore, for eight years is organized on the island the “Aegean Festival of Taste and Tradition”, which is yet another institution that enhances and highlights the patmian gastronomy.


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Municipality Of Patmos

Members of the City Council

Composition of the City Council Party: Π.Α.Τ.Μ.Ο.Σ. (“Patmos”) Full Name Father’s Name Telephone FAX e-mail Attribute STOIKOS GRIGORIS EFSTRATIOS  6972185617 Mayor SIMANTIRIS IOANNIS VASILIOS  6973063715 KOKKONIS ELEFTHERIOS ANDREAS  6978431895

Patmos Island


The village of Kampos is situated in the northeastern part of the island, 9 km from Chora and 6 km from Skala and, as its name suggests (kampos means valley),

Municipality Of Patmos

Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre of Patmos was established in 2001 in the form of a legal entity of public law, whose goals are the spiritual and cultural development of the inhabitants