Arki (ancient Arkitis) , an island northeast of Patmos, which belongs to the municipality of Patmos, is an ideal destination for every visitor who seeks absolute tranquility surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscape. The island has ferry boat connections to Patmos, Leros and Lipsi, and during the summer day-trips are organized from the port of Patmos to the port of Arki.

Guests of this small paradise can enjoy both the abundant fresh fish of the island and the deep blue waters. The peaceful harbor is ideal for sailing boats.

The island has an area of 6.69 sq. km and is administered by the municipality of Patmos. The modern – settlement (Porto – Augusta) has been built in the cove and on its hill there are ruins of a tower and a fortress of the 4th century BC with interesting decor and religious activity in ancient times.



Accommodation & Restaurants:

“Apolausi” Tel: 22470 32440 (tavern)

“Katsavidi” Tel: 22470 32371 (rooms to let)

“Nikolas” Tel: 22470 32477 (tavern & rooms to let)

“Tripas” Tel: 22470 32230 (tavern)

“Sotiria Melianou” ( coffee house – tourist shop)

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