17 Sacred Music Festival

«The Holy Revelation of Music» (Patmos Aug. 29 – Sept. 3 2018)






 «SAINT SION» Chorus of the Byzantine Arts Center in Lesvos

accompanied by an instrumental ensemble.

«Hail Mary – expressed by the Greek people…» (The Virgin Mary in the Greek music tradition)

Conductor: Panagiotis Tsakiris

In the program of the concert there are Byzantine hymns dedicated to the Mother of our Lord, followed by Greek traditional songs referring to Our Lady.

During the concert there will be comments concerning the works, and also projection of Virgin Mary’s icons.




English Chamber Choir (London)

Sacred Choral Music

Conductor : Guy Protheroe

The sacred works of famous composers which will be performed belong in three categories: works inspired by Byzantium (e.g. Theodorakis’ Kassiani), works of the occidental musical tradition (e.g. Thomas Tallis) and works of the Russian Orthodox religious tradition (e.g. Tchaikovsky).

There will also be the world premiere of two choral works (by Ivan Moody and Alkis Baltas) written especially for the 17th Festival.




Educational concert in the frame of the Sacred Music Festival

«The hare and the turtle» (Aesop’s fable)

The Festival Orchestra and three singers under the baton of maestro Alkis Baltas, and actress Moscha Kambosou, as narrator, will perform at the Patmos Cultural Center an educational concert for the children of Patmos (ages 5 and older). There will be photos and videos related to the story of the race between the hare and the turtle.

The idea of this educational project, the music composition and the arrangement of well-known musical works belong to A. Baltas.



Sacred songs and music of modern times

  • Song : Sofia Avramidou
  • Clarinet – Accordion : Kosmas Papadopoulos
  • Guitar : Andreas Ziakas
  • Piano : Sakis Kontonikolas

The singer Sophia Avramidou and the three musicians will present a program which includes spirituals and contemporary songs by Greek and foreign composers, having a religious content.





«The representation of soul and body» – Oratorio

  • Patmos Festival Orchestra
  • 10-member choir
  • Narrator : Vaggelis Psomas
  • Conductor : Alkis Baltas

«The Representation of Soul and Body», a work of great historical importance by Emilio Cavalieri (1550-1602), is the first oratorio that has been written. The Soul and the Body talk about heavenly life and earthly temptations. We also have the participation of other characters, such as the Time, the Guardian Angel, and the voices of the condemned in Hell and the happy souls in Paradise.

All the vocal parts, solo and choral, are performed by the members of the choir. The text of the work will be recited by the narrator in Greek and English (text: Agostino Mani, translation: Vicky Stylianou).

The arrangement and orchestration of the work belong to Alkis Baltas.



Sacred choral works

Moscow Youth Chamber Choir

Conductor : Mikhail Kudryavtsev

Staffed by young talented singers who have graduated from Moscow’s most famous musical institutions, the Moscow Youth Chamber Choir is now considered one of Russia’s most important youth choirs.

The religious program of the concert includes works by mainly Russian composers.


  • All the concerts of the Festival will take place at the theater in front of the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse (time of performances : 20.30).
  • The educational concert on August 31 will take place at the «Patmion» Cultural Center.
  • Admission to the concerts is free of charge.



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